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Floor Jack  4T front view

Floor Jack 4T


Floor Jack  4T

Dual Rapid Pump: Equipped with a unique dual parallel pump system, the low profile car jack can lift most workloads in just 3-1/2 pumps. Dual piston pump lifts loads 5 times faster than a single pump and is ideal for most cars, trucks and SUVs Low Profile: With a lifting capacity of 3 tons (6,000 lb) and a lifting range of 2.95 inches to 19.88 inches, the racing floor jack can reach under a lower vehicle while still providing enough height maximum to lift the vehicle off the ground. Stable and Durable: Constructed of durable, high-strength steel.

The Oarlike hydraulic floor jack features industrial quality for professional and hardcore mechanics. The anodized finish on the surface also makes it rust and corrosion resistant. Floor Jack with Wheels: Equipped with (2) large steel wheels and (2) 360-degree swivel wheels for smooth maneuverability.

The rubber cushion on the seat prevents damaging the lift and damaging the vehicle Safe to use: Equipped with a built-in overload-proof system that prevents use beyond the rated capacity; Features a slow release rate under load. Note: The hydraulic jack is designed to lift, not support the object. Immediately after lifting, loads should be supported by a pair of properly rated jack stands.

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