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Wireless Police Elect Siren 6 Tones

Wireless Police Elect Siren 6 Tones


Wireless Police Elect Siren 6 Tones


This is a medium 12VDC siren. You can use these sirens to create simple user interfaces. Each siren has a pair of cables for its respective power supply and requires a service voltage of 12VDC, it can dissipate a power of 30 Watts, that is, an average current of 2.5A max.


- Maximum power: 30W

- Operating voltage: 12 VDC

- Automatic tone sequence

- Black plastic finish

- 6 tones.

- Easy installation.

- Low power consumption.


Wireless Police Elect Siren 6 Tones Ig Tuning Miami  Auto Parts Distributor, Wholesale Auto Accessories, Auto Parts Wholesalers & Car Accessories.
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