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Rhino Ramps 16.000 Lbs Ig  Wholesale Auto Accessories, auto parts distributor.

Rhino Ramps 16.000 Lbs

SKU: BLI-11912
BrandIG Tuning
Item Weight0.01 Ounces
Product Dimensions36"L x 13"W x 8.5"H
Load Capacity16000 pound

About this item

  • Stable and safe vehicle maintenance: The Rhino Ramps' rugged and structural design provides unparalleled stability and safety while working under your vehicle, making them an ideal tool for oil changes, transmission fluid replacements, and other automotive maintenance tasks in your home garage
  • Quick access and storage: With the Rhino Ramps' reliable and easy storage design, you can quickly access the underside of your vehicle when you need it, making them a convenient tool for regular automotive maintenance. Plus, the nestable design ensures maximum storage space, saving you valuable garage or storage area
  • Stress-free oil changes: Say goodbye to slippage during oil changes with the Rhino Ramps' CoreTRAC non-skid base, which ensures a firm grip on your garage or driveway surface, making oil changes easier and more stress-free than ever
  • Versatile for low clearance vehicles: The Rhino Ramps' 17-degree incline provides versatility for your car, truck, or SUV at home, so you can use these ramps with confidence, knowing that they can handle your vehicle safely and securely. Perfect for low clearance vehicles, the Rhino Ramps make fluid maintenance tasks more accessible and easier to perform
  • Industry-leading capacity for trucks: The Rhino Ramps can handle vehicles up to 16,000 pounds GVW, providing you with extra-wide support to ensure your truck is stable and secure during maintenance tasks. These rugged and structural ramps are perfect for all your truck maintenance needs, from oil changes to transmission fluid replacements, making it easy for you to perform necessary fluid maintenance tasks with confidence
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