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Heat Shrink Solder Seal Wire Connectors AWG 22-18 100 pcs

Heat Shrink Solder Seal Wire Connectors AWG 22-18 100 pcs

SKU: FS-21
  • Color coded connecting tube Heat activated waterproof adhesive
  • Low temperature solder sleeve Minimum shrink temperature: 80°C Minimum temperature of solder melting: 138°C
  • Simple one-step wire connection. Welding, insulation and sealing can be ideal. Used in marine and automotive applications.
  • Double-wall design tube: Polyolefin tube on the outside and hot melt adhesive on the inside. The adhesive is melted in the internal solder and seal and has an advanced waterproof function.
  • Polyolefin heat-shrinkable butt connectors have improved pull-out strength. Provide sealing, strain relief, cable inspection and insulation.
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