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Antivirus Sanitizer Handrub 75 ml

Antivirus Sanitizer Handrub 75 ml


Hand disinfection preparations with a wide range of action against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Recommended for medical services, but also for beauty and hairdressing salons. It allows the skin to be properly prepared for the treatment while caring for it and protecting it from excessive drying.

The preparation is made according to the recipe recommended by WHO.

For external use only.

     Handrub Antiviral Handwash is an alcohol-based product.

     The product gently but effectively cleanses the hands, without the risk of excessive skin irritation.

     The liquid is recommended by the World Health Organization.

     It has a virucidal effect that protects against the development and spread of all microorganisms.

     The product is closed in a handy bottle with a convenient pump that makes it easy to use.

     The liquid does not require the use of water, thanks to which it will be perfect in any place!

     Virucidal product

capacity: 75ml

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