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3 Ton Scissor Trolley Jack

3 Ton Scissor Trolley Jack


【High-Strength Steel Material】 Scissor jacks are forged from high-strength steel materials, and it will not be easily broken when used within the rated load. The design of the card slot of the supporting head can make it grip the car chassis tightly, and will not fall and cause injuries.
【Double-Section Integrated Hand Crank】 The two-section integrated hand crank is equipped with a two-way hand crank and its yellow plastic handle. It is easy and convenient, not easy to slip, it is convenient and labor-saving to use, it can easily lift the car, and it is convenient to change the tire or repair the car.
【High Anti-Pression & High Flexibility】 The high-hardness steel bearing head has strong compression resistance, which can effectively and safely carry the weight of the car; and has high flexibility. During use, it can rotate freely according to its own needs and adjust its direction.
【Enlarging Double-Triangle Base】 The base has high stability. The two triangle connections are the most stable structure. Within the rated load, the scissor jack is perfectly matched with the rocking bar, which can be used for car repair and travel.
【Wide Applycation】 This scissor jack is suitable for mini vehicles, cars and other vehicles. When the car breaks down halfway during the driving, tire leaks and other emergency situations, the jack tool provided with the car can help you deal with it in time and properly. Jacks are used when the tires of the vehicle are changed and the chassis of the vehicle is initially checked. Its structure is light and compact, flexible and reliable, and can be carried and operated by one person.

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